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Off the Couch and Out of the Clinic: Innovations in Research on the Therapeutic Relationship in Community-Based Settings

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Kathryn (Beth) E. Angell, Associate Professor
Jeanne C. Marsh, Dean and George Herbert Jones Distinguished Service Professor
Leslie Alexander, Professor, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, Bryn Mawr College, and Adjunct Professor of Social Work in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Date: January 15, 2009
Time: 1pm to 6:30pm

Location: New Orleans Marriott
555 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70130

Across the helping disciplines, the importance of examining common factors (in particular, the therapeutic alliance) cannot be denied. Yet, when studying helping relationships, can methods and perspectives drawn from psychotherapy adequately address issues that can arise in social work with clients who may enter treatment involuntarily, face myriad stressors, or interact with multiple systems concurrently?

Given its historic attention to the social context of helping, the field of social work is uniquely poised to forge new understandings of the therapeutic relationship and to guide allied fields in developing novel ways to reduce barriers to service engagement. By featuring an array of conceptual frameworks and methodological innovations, this half-day symposium will both reflect on the current status of research on the therapeutic alliance and showcase emergent contemporary perspectives on the helping relationship across a range of community-based settings with children and adults.

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Kathryn E. Angell

Kathryn E. Angell

Jeanne C. Marsh

Jeanne C. Marsh

Jeanne C. Marsh

Leslie Alexander