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SSA Centennial Celebration
Profiles of Distinction Series

Tawakalitu M. Jogunosimi, A.M. 2001

Assistant for Education to Mayor Richard M. Daley

“I want to be a change agent and have an impact by helping move issues forward. That is what SSA helped me understand, and what I hope to accomplish in the future.” Tawa Jogunosimi’s SSA experience has helped her succeed as an administrator for social and human service agencies.

Before enrolling at SSA, Ms. Jogunosimi had learned a great deal about neighborhoods, community organizations, and programs like CAPS through her work experiences. “My year working with AmeriCorps, and another year with a neighborhood community organization, gave me an insight into the management process of nonprofits. I knew that I wanted to learn more about the role of philanthropy in these organizations, and how public policy impacts them. That is when I looked to find a graduate school and found SSA. I was nervous about being accepted, but joyful when I received my letter of acceptance.”

Ms. Jogunosimi’s experience at SSA was wonderful from day one. “The first year was hard, but the professors were very helpful, and I also had support from some students. My feelings for the administration side of nonprofits solidified, as I was drawn to helping nonprofits better manage their resources.” She cites the opportunity to take crossdisciplinary courses with students from other schools on campus, including the business and law schools, as another significant benefit of her education at SSA.

She recalls, “They have a completely different perspective on the same issues, and, for me, that opened up a whole new thought process and gave me the opportunity to see issues through different lenses. That is just one example of the many strengths of SSA — the ability to study and discuss diverse opinions.”

Ms. Jogunosimi is Assistant for Education to City of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, and her role puts her in contact with the Chicago Public Schools administration, parents, charter school operators, and nonprofit organizations. While at SSA, she was president of the African American Student Association on campus. Since her graduation in 2001, she has remained involved with the School both professionally and personally.

Tawakalitu M. Jogunosimi, A.M. 2001

Tawakalitu Jogunosimi, A.M. 2001